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Repayment of sign on bonus

Dreadmill · 28/10/2020 07:31

Appreciate input from anyone with personal and/or professional experience of how these things work.

I took a new job earlier this year and worked for the company for 2 months before deciding to return to my previous employer.

My contract stipulated, and I have no issue with, repayment of my sign on bonus less 1/260 for every day worked if I resigned within a year.

Here is the rub, I have already paid income tax on the full sign on bonus. As such I need my P45 to reflect this otherwise HMRC won't refund my tax.

The company however have already issued a P45, which of course is not adjusted to reflect what I'm due to pay. Emails to them are completely ignored even now so it's not filling me with confidence that I'll be able to chase up a revised P45 once I make the payment.

Any advice on how to proceed? Will HMRC accept the company's email demands plus a bank transaction as evidence to refund my tax?

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