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When should I tell work that I am pregnant?

LianneCL · 09/09/2020 11:35

Hi everyone,
This is a bit early to think about as I am fairly certain I won't be telling them until I've had my first scan (I'm currently at almost 7 weeks so not expecting that until the end of Sept/early Oct) - but I wanted advice on when & how to tell work.

Should I wait until the 20 weeks apt when I get the MATB1 form? or just tell them right away after the scan?

I'm friends with some on facebook so as soon as the cat is out of the bag socially, work people will start to find out anyway and I wasn't sure of any good tactics for telling them.

My work are very good and supportive for mums (and parents generally) and have a generous mat leave offer - and my current boss is also really flexible when it comes to work anyway (I also have migraines so she's used to me having to take longer breaks in the day to ward off needing a few days off)

Also, does anyone know if myself or my partner have the right to request not to go in to the office/ on site visits as I am pregnant during covid? (we mostly work from home but hubby works at a uni and has been asked to go in for enrollment next week which means using public transport and dealing with lots of 18 year olds.
I am an auditor and have been asked to do a visit on one of our suppliers later in the year - by then I would have told work)

Any suggestions?
Right after scan 1 or wait until 20wks?
Or do we tell them sooner (or maybe just hubby's work) if we can reduce exposure to additional people/transport?

Many thanks in advance!!

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