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Leaving a job while on UC

Bubblegum89 · 23/08/2020 17:59

I currently have two jobs. One is fine. the other I have a lot of issues with. I was signed off by a doctor for anxiety after I had a bad anxiety attack over things that were going on in work and I haven't been back since (I work in a school kitchen and its been closed since). The last week or so, I have been in a bad way with my anxiety again knowing I am due to go back in. It's not the job itself, it's the place. It should be a relatively stress-free job but it's just not at all. I'm not sleeping well and I feel sick all day every day even thinking about it. I've decided that it's not worth the toll it takes on my mental health.

I am a part-time university student so I intend to change to full-time so I can finish my degree quicker and start looking for relative jobs. I intend to keep my other job and my partner works full-time and with his job and my other job, we earn combined £1500-1700 a month before tax depending on overtime. We applied for Universal Credit back in April when I was furloughed and I was worried that I would be sanctioned for voluntarily leaving one of my jobs. However a few people have mentioned the 'light touch' category of UC.

I just wondered if anyone could shed a bit more light on it as everything I read online seems to contradict itself. I've read that the minimum earnings on a joint claim per month is £549 and so if my partner and I are earning that or more per month, I would not be sanctioned for reducing my hours and I wouldn't need to be assigned a work coach, attend interviews etc. Is this correct? A few other things have mentioned different thresholds and minimum earnings that have to be met which has thrown me off.

I intend to continue looking for more work but would like to focus more on my degree if I can. I will happily take on another job if something suitable were to come up. I just want to make sure that I am not going to end up having our claim stopped or something if I was to leave one of my jobs.

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