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Am I doing too much?

stace95ro · 27/01/2020 12:38

Hi All,

I am employed as a HR Advisor. I have almost completed my Level 5 CIPD qualification. I was promoted to this position by my company, I was previously an administrative assistant.

I basically do all HR admin, deal with queries from staff/managers. However, I also do the payroll, holiday and sickness records, cover reception/PA when needed as she has a lot of time off, health and safety coordination, First Aider/Fire Marshal - I manage this for the company too.

I haven't had a pay rise since I was in my initial job of Administration Assistant. I often feel quite stressed as I have to get the payroll done and am expected to manage large projects and cover for the Receptionist too. My responsibilities have increased significantly in the past few months. I am very capable and always complete all of my work on time. I don't mind doing it but I just do not feel I am paid enough.

My question is, should I ask for a pay rise? Or do I then run the risk of them taking away my responsibilities so that they can justify not increasing my pay and leaving me twiddling my thumbs?

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