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Full Time to Part time and Pregnant

AlexaT · 09/12/2019 22:20

Hi ladies,

I have been trying to get a part time contract (changing my existing full-time contract) for the last 3 months (with difficulty) so that it fits with my childcare needs. My employer has finally found another store for me, whereby the manager has agreed for me to join with my choice of hours and timings.

However, I have also recently found out I am pregnant. Still very early, about 5 weeks gone.

Due to christmas, no changes or moves will be put into motion until the new year, by which time I will be 9+ weeks.

I really wanted to keep hush as it’s still early days and I have had a few scares already, but more than anything, I don’t want to jeopardise my chance at my chosen hours at the new store if they find out I’m expecting - especially since it was such a struggle in the first place to get these hours.

This is my second pregnancy, and with my first child, I developed HG and was pretty much signed off work until 6+ months. My sickness started at 7 weeks and I’m afraid the same thing is going to happen and all my hopes of moving will get stopped because of this.

I’m in such a predicament now.

Do I tell the new manager? Would it be discriminatory if they change their mind about taking me on? The worse thing is, everything has been verbal and nothing has been agreed in writing.

I don’t know my rights, and when I asked HR, all they said was that it could either be my new or old manager that makes changes on the system.

Can you help with your suggestions please?

I’m completely lost on what I should do.

Thanks x

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Starlight456 · 09/12/2019 22:22

I don’t know the answer but can you get it in writing ?

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