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Healthcare cleaner where can it take you ?

Thinkcalmthoughts · 24/11/2019 16:18

I've been cleaning for 13 years in a large office due to wanting a change and more hours for more money etc (plus the place I was working was getting worse by the day constant bitching etc)
I tried my hand at laundry in a carehome didnt like it and wasnt for me so as I couldnt get old job back I was unemployed for a few months
Was starting to panic what with Christmas coming and our wedding next year I was thinking of trying my hand at careing but wasnt sure if it was for me and I'm quite quiet and reserved and not sure if I could cope with the stress and long hours (plus my partner does careing and I wanted to be sure what ever job I got that I still could spend time with DD and Hubby to be when hes off)
The company I worked for clean the local hospital and I secured a interview and got a job but means going back out again in the evening but the pays good and mon to fri

Anyone on here from any part of the UK (I'm Scotland) that works as a cleaner for the nhs in a hospital setting and are you loving the job and where could this cleaning job take me I years to come
(Thinking likes of progress higher or could it lead me to actually trying care out if I'm comfortable around patients etc)

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