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Retraining Options- help!

OldMotherHubbardsBigBottom · 28/10/2019 16:14

I can see that the organisation I work for is going to be making redundancies over the next 3 -5 years- on a voluntary basis to begin with.

I’d like to get some specific skills to freshen up my CV so that I am in good position either way- either I have skills that mean I remain attractive to them as an employee, or the job market if I apply for redundancy. I’ve worked for them and various sister companies since graduation (25 years) in a variety of similar roles and have some great experience but no formal qualifications other than my Business and Economics with Psychology degree. Can Mumsnet suggest something I can look into?

My current job is in business process improvement- not manufacturing- and business (but not financial or legal) governance. Think process development, governance and oversight, continuous improvement, change management, that sort of thing. I look at a way of working, determine how to measure whether it’s effective, and either change it/fix it with the relevant people if it’s not. I also spent 15 years in a variety of commercial teams, in a senior category manager role for half of that time.

What on earth could I do? My creative mojo has deserted me on this one.

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OldMotherHubbardsBigBottom · 28/10/2019 16:17

Additional information that might be useful:

Things I love about my job
It’s creative- I choose how to deliver solutions to problems, not told how to do this
I am not restricted to working on just one area
I can choose what I think is important and if I can convince my boss that the business will benefit from changing things, I can go off and do it
I get to interact with lots of people along the way
It’s reliant on my existing knowledge of the business and specific processes so I feel like my experience is being valued.

Things I don’t love about my job
There aren’t many boundaries and so knowing exactly what is required is not always easy
I have developed my own effective organisational style but this does not come naturally

There are also aspects of my work that aren’t related to my job but I still do them (and LOVE them, which is why I make room on top of my day job)
I manage a team of apprentices and graduates and the recruitment/post scheme placement activities
I develop and deliver training based on department and wider business needs
I am the go to person in the department to help managers develop meaningful agendas/activities/ideas for team events based on their criteria
I am relied upon for talking through ideas and suggesting ways of developing them onwards

Thank you for reading so far!

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