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Self Development

Sarcelle · 23/09/2019 16:59


Hate my job, stuck here for the foreseeable. First day back from leave and any positivity I tried to muster up has pretty much gone as I type.

Decided that I need some coping strategies before I crack up.

Can anyone recommend books/tests/podcasts/online activity on how not to be a people pleaser, boundary setting, being self reliant, less emotional, resilient, less open with people. (Strangely I am assertive but realise that living with an abusive parent has made me hyper sensitive to being controlled but worried about keeping people on an even keel to my detriment, hence the people pleasing. I do the pleasing to stop trouble coming my way. Its not working and it is soul destroying and demeaning and it is one of the few things I can control but need to know how.)

As an aside has anybody undergone Emergenetics profiling? Is there a free test you can do without registering?

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