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People who invent skin cremes etc. Dragon's Den

IceColdLemonade · 08/09/2019 22:03

I really want to know:

people who create body lotion, shampoo, skin lotion etc. with an aim to take it to market and build a business:

How DO they create a product that isn't already out there when there IS so much of it out there?

How do they know HOW to make a skin cream?

How do they get in a jar, mass made and packaged and with a shelf-life ready to put in the shops?

Sorry I feel so dumb but genuinely to me they seem like magicians. I truly would not know where to start and yet so many people do it.

Is there a book on it?

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Karmin · 10/09/2019 11:10

First is the idea for the product, what makes it special/different.

Then research and understand the law, including advertising claims, labelling and manufacturing guidance.

Next is the formulation: one which not only nourishes the skin but also remains safe and stable while you’re using it. When choosing a formula, your choice should take into consideration not only the ingredients but also how they interact with each other.

Next is the chemistry kit and science actually making it yourself, or contacting manufacturors to do it for you.

Then testing of the product to ensure its safety and stabilisation as well as conforming to the regulations in the laws.

Next is product testing and marketing, does your target audience like it, design the packaging, increase to batch production, create a website and begin to build the brand.

Get sales, visit fayres and approach small shops and see if they will stock your product, show the appropriate certifications that your product is safe.

Increase the volume you make and sell, approach bigger shops, increase your online presence, get social exposure on social media. Increase the range of products, testing and manufacturing.

A product like hand cream, you need to understand the science of the chemicals and how to put it together, then how to scale it up to batch and mass production. But it isn't going to get noticed at first, would you choose a random product or would you choose dove or nivea... there are giants in this industry that a new product will struggle to overcome. This means years of product development, marketing and building the business from selling to your friends to getting it in shops.

The how to make it is easy, there are plenty of recipes that you can make, then you look at wholesalers for the ingredients, get yourself some accurate scales and lab equipment and get mixing.

Getting in a jar, is simple as well, just fill it then put the lid on, think of piping jam into a donut, put it in a bag and squeeze it in, once the company takes off then look at manufacturing companies who will do it for you and charge a fee for doing so. Or you look at making your own.

Everything starts from making a single item, then scaling it up at a rate that matches the growth of the product. You don't make a thousand if you are only selling a hundred.

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