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Virtual assistant?

SeeTe · 02/09/2019 17:30

Seriously considering trying this.

I've been working as legal secretary/assistant for a long time (since I left school) and really want to try working for myself.

As this is the only job I've ever done, I've been looking into working as a virtual assistant.

Does anyone here do this? I'm obviously in the very early stages of looking into this but would welcome any advice (or warnings!).

I've read that it's best to have a focused business type which would obviously be law in my case and I do feel there's a market for it. A lot of the firm's I have worked in pay locums when things get busy and I've worked in a few that would benefit from not having to find office space for someone in fact the firm I'm at now has floated this idea about already as we just don't have the space for another full time staff member but do need assistance with the administration side of things.

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