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Morning sickness and work

NoMoreFastCars82 · 30/05/2019 07:53

Hi all,

Just been reading a few threads on nausea and eating to stop this and I'm finding the same problem at present, but it brought me to my actual question... how many are still trying to go into work through this period of time? And do any of you have rep jobs where you do hundreds of miles a week in the car?

I've been off since Tuesday as my morning sickness started slowly last Thursday and I only found out Friday I was PG. my boss knows and is over the moon and even from home this week I've managed to sort and sell 5 engines and 2 driveshafts so he is kinda over the moon. But I'm obviously 'off' and at home Cos I'm scared to drive like this.

I guess my question is, how long is too long off and should I brave it and go in as this is my first and this is all new to me Confused

And also, cravings... can you crave something that much for a week then have an aversion to it by a few days as you've overdone it?


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