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Feeling v anxious about FTC end and competition with colleagues

Wadingthroughshit · 02/03/2019 08:46

Posted in AIBU but may be more appropriate here...AIBU to be so anxious? My FTC expires May, but the org are making my role permanent. There are two other employees in the same role but full time, we all know each other because we did our masters at the same time. There is one role in our department to be made FT, so someone is losing their job. We have to go through an interview process and give a presentation.

Both have said they will take role, one is a single white male in his twenties with no caring responsibility who told me he was pulled aside to and apolisgised to as he must be feeling anxious. Both have had double the exposure (my role is 18hpw) and have more time to build relationships. I had doubts about the role, because it's so admin heavy, but it's one that's necessary to move up the scale. But, being the idiot I am, I told my line manager that during one of our one to one's. She now is one the panel for interview. She told me last week I need to work on my confidence.

I'm on my own with two little boys, I've scheduled everything for them around work. I'm feeling incredibly anxious and not sleeping properly.

Can any one share their stories, it'd be really great for me to have a reality check and recognise that people have to do those things !!

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