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When informal working relationships go wrong....

lamandler · 29/01/2019 14:59

Hi, will try to keep it brief! I'm a freelance consultant operating as a limited company. Worked for many years in an agency with a woman who I've continued to work with in partnership to deliver projects now she is also in same freelance/ltd co boat.

Problem is she has become massively flaky over the past year, and I am now in a situation where I'm worried about my professional rep due to her disappearing acts. She will not return calls, messages for days, sometimes weeks, even when we are on deadline. I've also caught her out on a lie or two about broken email servers or various IT issues causing the non communication.
I've raised it many times and she just ignores it as a problem. She has personal stuff going on, but as a long time friend I'll cover for her - the complete radio silence makes me fume!

So I know, I should just not work with her any more and that's fine (though sad after 15 years of good partnership), there are a couple of projects at the moment though that are outstanding and in danger of poor delivery to client. How on earth can I get her to respond? What do I tell client?

Possibly just needed to vent...aware there are no magic solutions!

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