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Early Years/Teaching Degree Apprentices in Ireland or UK for people just out of school/college

CanIHaveChocolatePlease · 11/01/2019 13:05

Hi, I’m hoping this is the right place to ask this and sorry that it’s long! Smile

I had considered doing an apprenticeship in the childcare/early years sector after school/college as over time I realised that uni probably wasn’t the most suitable for me but there was none here in Ireland and the ones in the UK didn’t seem to be at a high enough level to make it worth relocating over for (especially with having to pay for accommodation etc, which I’m not currently doing here).

So I decided to start an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Care and Education here in Ireland (just so I could get my degree and not have to go back to do one later on) and am halfway through 1st Year but unfortunately as I expected I hate the course and uni life in general.

Then my mum met someone we know and they were talking about courses and she told my mum that they have degree apprenticeships here in Ireland.

This was news to us but unfortunately I have failed to find anything so far about them for here in Ireland (and have made enquiries to relevant people and groups/authorities but haven’t had any answers yet) but Googling it keeps showing me that they do exist in the UK, but I’m struggling to find ones that take people who are just finished school (so people who don’t already have undergraduate degrees) that are in the early years/teaching sector, so was wondering if any of ye might be able to help me with this?

I suppose I’m just wondering if any of ye know if degree apprenticeships exist in the early years/teaching sector yet (in either Ireland or the UK) and if so who and where offers them and where and when can I apply for them?

In case it makes any differences, I think I have the necessary grades in maths, English and science in both my GCSE and A Level equivalents here in Ireland (they were enough for uni here so I think they’d be okay for the UK too).

Both me and my parents have agreed that if I could find a suitable one that I could leave uni and do one of those instead as we all know that I would much prefer being mostly out in the workplace rather than at uni.

I love working with children (I have done work experience in both a pre school and a primary school) but hate uni life so it would be a dream come through if I could do a degree apprenticeship in that area (and the lack of fees and the small wage would definitely help too, but I genuinely wouldn’t be doing it just for that)!

Thanks in advance! Smile

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KingCatMeowInSpace · 23/05/2019 23:28

Hi there- incase you haven't found anything yet, there's opportunities in Scotland to do this but don't know if you'd consider relocating there? They start this September and are called Graduate Apprenticeship in Early Learning and Childcare.

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