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NCT Practioner Course - self employment

PinkPantherMum · 15/04/2018 20:19

I am considering training as a birth and beyond practitioner through the NCT's new courses linked with the Uni of Worcester. I have a BSc in IT already and used to work in the IT industry. I have been a mum at home for nearly 16 years and really fancy the course as I had three very different birth experiences and feel strongly about educating women about birth.

But here's the problem, It costs over £7000 a year and is a 2 year course. Although we are not broke, we don't have £14K to spare. Will it be worth it?

Does anyone have experience of having done a similar course and gone on to make a good living? Did the actual being a practitioner fit in with family life at all?

I am very keen, but need to be able to sell this idea to DH!!!

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MaybeDoctor · 30/04/2018 13:10

There are some old threads on being an NCT antenatal teacher around, if you search.

Courses tend to be evenings and weekends, I think. I am not sure if it would offer a regular stream of work - might be a bit start-stop. The exception would be if NCT have a contract to provide antenatal services in your local area.

Some alternative ideas for you:

Training as a doula
Breastfeeding peer-supporter
Being a HCA on a maternity ward
Health visiting

Hope that helps.

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