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Audio transcription agencies with low/no minimum typing speed?

Missnearlyvintage · 13/03/2018 19:14

Hi everyone,

I'm very interested in starting a new career as an audio transcriber now that my children have grown up, and have read some of the other threads on here regarding this profession. I am aware that is isn't an 'easy option' to make money, but think that it could be a good opportunity for me to gain skills and experience. I have office administration experience, but would like to work from home, hence my interest in audio transcription.

At the moment my typing speed is not up to scratch. It's around 60 wpm which I know is slow for a typist.

I'm quite aware that I will be working for a very low hourly wage through an agency with this typing speed, but I am happy to do this. I'm looking for companies that do not specify a minimum typing speed if anyone knows of any please? Take Note has advertised the lowest wpm requirement at 65 wpm, but I haven't found any with lower minimum speeds as yet. I am working on my typing speed, but would like to be gaining experience and earning at the same time if possible.

Thanks in advance!

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