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Personal Lifestyle assistant - new business idea any good?

twomonkeys2 · 03/01/2018 17:00

I'm thinking of setting up a local business in London catering for the time poor/cash rich sector!

This sort of thing:
Household & business administration
Party/Event organisation
Diary management
Personal shopping
Holiday research/planning
Restaurant recommendations & reservations
Theatre, Music & Event ticket research
Property & interior renovation assistance
Personal well-being & medical appointments management

Do you think this is something that could work? I realise this is niche!

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Atalune · 03/01/2018 17:04

You mean like a concierge service. There are lots of these services about. Some concentrate only on some small aspect of your list.

What you describe is a personal assistant which a wealthy family would have already

If you have the contacts/network I think it’s a good idea, but you may want to refine what you offer. The list is a bit long I think.

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Atalune · 03/01/2018 17:08

For example would I contact you to find me a interior designer- you’d be some
Sort of middle person/agency? But if you’re not a design specialist then how can I trust you’ll recommend a good one?

Same for some of your other services. You would need to really know your areas to be confident in making the appointments and recommendations and from my experience it’s your inside knowledge and ability to know just the right thing for your client.

For example would you be able to shop for a middle aged woman who wanted some items for her ski holiday? Equally a young mans needs for his 21st birthday? Or would you have contacts who would do this? So it’s all outsourced?

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twomonkeys2 · 03/01/2018 17:33

Thanks for your thoughts. It still needs work!

My idea is that it's just me. But I take your point about some wealthy families already having a personal assistant, but I think there is a big group of people that I have seen posting on local mums sites, saying that they are looking for someone to tackle home office overload/filing/bill paying etc. from their home on an ad hoc basis. Mainly as they have small children and so don't have much time or inclination to do this leg work. There are plenty of Virtual PAs who do work in this way for businesses.

I totally take your point on the specialisation - but I was thinking of these sorts of briefs:

  • Ideas for nephew's 21st birthday present
  • Self catering holiday for three generations of family in the UK near a beach
  • Come and re-organise my home office / pay bills / create a filing system
  • Find me the best seats to see Les Mis on during December...
  • Find a location for a Christening party in West London for 55 people
  • Research recommended builders to do a loft extension
  • Come and wrap all my Christmas presents!!!!
    ....hahaha you get the idea!

    Any of these things we could all do with good local connections (which I have) but some people may be prepared to outsource this, just as they might cleaning, ironing, nannying etc.

    Any thoughts! thanks so much
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