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Does this sound like it could work?

Quizmistress · 18/12/2017 19:54

I'm tentatively looking into becoming a freelance quizzer. Basically I would set quizzes for pubs/events and possibly offer a hosting service as well, A 'pack' with everything included, for a fee.
This came about as I set the quiz for the local pub I work in, and one of the regulars had suggested taking my quizzes to other pubs as they aren't your 'average' quiz.
Having worked in pubs, I know that the quiz business is taken very seriously in some places, with big prizes and a lot of pride at stake. And the attendance of 'professional quizzers' who seem to attend - and win - a quiz every night of the week. I wanted to be different, and I didn't want the bad feeling and expectation that 'Team Proquiz; will always win. It has seemed to work for the small group of about 20 that come each week (small village pub so 20 is a fair amount) in the summer time I have hosted as many as 40, and the quiz is still in it's first year.
Initially I used some online resources for stock questions such as general knowledge and such, but made my own rounds up and did the research myself as I found I really enjoyed it! So it's my own work, however I have used google to look up facts or ideas for rounds.

I intend on initially, setting up a website and publish my quiz each week, for people to use for free, but also do a few 'bespoke' examples and offer a small fee for these, with the offer that I can research and create a quiz for a pub or an event for a fee, If this proves to be a success then I would add a 'full monty package' where I provide everything from the quiz material, pens and equipment, to myself as the host. Obviously for a larger fee.
If the paying quizzes do take off, then I would go forward to invest in things like buzzers and a speaker to add another dimension to a regular pub or event quiz, hosted by me.
I have done a little online research and there are a wealth of online companies that offer pub quizzes for free or for a fee, but a lot of them require you to subscribe monthly or similar, for a full PDF quiz however frequently you want them. I'd charge on a round by round basis. There is a company that offers the full service with a host, but they are based in London, I am in the North. I also found one advertising freelancer that offers a quiz pack for a fee.
The good thing about this is I can use a free website maker, and it will only entail me adding the quiz I already do to that, to start with. I can advertise the better and more bespoke quizzes on there and if I get any takers then I can go ahead. So 'start up' will cost me initially zero, and would take up very little extra time. So the risk is minimal.
It would possibly earn me a little extra money - I don't expect it to make me my fortune by any means.

What do you all think? Anyone out there that would have the need for this kind of thing (pub landlord or event organiser) that would consider using it and what would your expectations be? Anyone got any advice at all about it?
Many thanks in advance!

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TrollTheRespawnJeremy · 18/12/2017 20:59

Before you spend any money on it, I'd have some conversations with the owners of the pubs that you'd be likely to work in- within your commute area and see if it's something that they'd be interested in.

You could offer to do a 50% off first quiz as a 'taster'.

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