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Any PRs? Need advice pls

Soooodenim · 02/12/2017 23:55

NC for this.

Have been freelance for years mainly doing contract work for PR agencies. Somehow have managed to pick up my own clients here and there. I do OK but am absolutely crippled with self doubt and constantly question myself on even the most basic of things like when’s the best time to send out a press release Blush. I also never really know what to charge.

Was chatting to a school Mum who asked me to help PR her business. It’s not my normal field which I’ve made very clear to her but she’s ok with that. She has some news coming up and asked me what I charge. Off the top of my head, I said I’d write and distribute a release for £400. She can’t afford that so I said pitching her for feature opps would be a cheaper option and I’d get back to her. So I’m thinking I could recommend maybe 5 specific interview/feature opps to pitch her for and charge £250 ( obviously my fee will include finding out about/gathering info on her biz etc)

Does that sound like a decent strategy (I know, I know, why the hell do I need to ask this here but I’ve no-one I can ask in RL without sounding like a dick) and am I too cheap??

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