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Company struck off

NewRug · 07/07/2017 21:02

I know I need to speak to an accountant, and I will! But my life is so manic right now, I haven't had chance. But need to talk this through so I have at least a small chance of sleeping tonight! And then it's a job for Monday.

Ran a Ltd for a couple of years, my old accountant was a bit shit, one of those factory accountants, that have thousands of clients. I was basically paying for softwear to self serve.

Sacked them just after my companies financial year, and continued with my business till last month.

My companies return didn't need to be filled until October. I was intending doing it myself and then applying for the company to be dissolved 3 months after (that's the minimum).

Turns out, shit accountant never did my statement of intent, or when I moved, posted the the letters I approved informing companies house. So have been trading,until l last month, blissfully unaware of anything.

I found out my company had been struck off at the start of this month when my business account disappeared off my banking app, and I rung the bank to find out why.

Thankfully all the money in the account was tax money, not profit.

My question is, do I keep it dissolved and let HRMC go to the crown for the liabilities and wash my hands, or do I ask the registrar to reinstate the company?

And also how much trouble am I actually in? It was one form that didn't fill in, so hoping not lots, and it's not like I have spent any of the tax money!!

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