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Help us decide?? Crafty

sparkleandsunshine · 15/06/2017 11:47

Ok so my cousin and I like to make stuff.
I crochet, knit and sew and my cousin paints, does photography, dried flower arrangements, draws etc.

We want to start a fb page where we can show what we do and hopefully sell bits. We're also wanting to do the odd craft fair etc.

My name is Laura, my cousin is Mandy.
We're both in our 20s and just want to do it for a bit of fun and if we can sell the odd thing it would be great to cover our costs and possibly get a little more back to make more stuff!

Has anyone got any great ideas on what we can call our little page/group? We would also be up for sharing other friends makes too but just have no idea what to call it!

We were trying to think if we could base the name off us, or our lives, e.g. I have a 5 month old called Ellie and Mandy has a rabbit called Flow. Or if we should go for something random or explanatory??

Thought I would ask the amazing mumsnet hive for help!!

Also any ideas on stuff you would love to buy if you were thinking handmade?

TIA!!!! ♥️

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WatercressSoup · 15/06/2017 11:55

I like Sparkle and Sunshine Smile - I love crafting but it can be very difficult to sell stuff and make enough to cover even your materials. Also bear in mind that Facebook doesn't always show all your posts to people even if you have built up an audience (so you end up paying to boost posts - grr). How about trying something like Etsy first to see what sells? I run a Facebook page for local crafters but we just use it to share patterns and crafty memes and show what we've made so can't really offer much advice!

Good luck - you both sound v talented!

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