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Beauty/Anti-aging Business - need solutions, struggling to manage certain problems, times, cancellations, clients turning up early etc...any advice or solutions?

yohoohoo · 10/05/2017 11:29

Hi posting for a friend who is struggling to overcome certain problems in her business which is very successful but blighted by a few niggles which she really doesnt know how to overcome. Can anyone offer any advice?
Business runs from home in an annex with a small reception area and then a treatment room.

Clients turning up 30 mins to 1 hour early - having to stop current client and attend to (make coffee etc..) OR the time inbetween clients when making ready for next one, ordering stock doing 10 mins of admin or checking appts is halted to deal with the client that's turned.

Clients booked in are asked beforehand if they are on any medication before appt made. When they turn up questions asked again and forms filled out and some then reveal yes they are so appt can not go ahead and money is then lost.

Clients changing appts last minute to the following week. Managing appts - people texting cant make it today can do next Thurs etc... Having to juggle appts around - time consuimg

Clients not coming back for free "top ups" within the advised time then coming much later and having to give almost the new treatment again which eats into time and again results in no payment

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SilverViking · 11/05/2017 14:46

Suggestion would be to leave coffee machine / kettle in waiting area ... with note to help yourself while waiting. Possible need an intercom /cctv to talk out to the waiting area.
Then admin could be done from treatment room in gap between clients without interruption.

On clients medication, they need to be very clear on impact "do you take any medication, as i cannot treat you if you do". Suggest asking this at least twice in prior phonecalls.

Clients changing appointment - either take non refundable prepaid deposit (credit/debit card), or be less accomodating about reschedule "hmm, we are busy and i was holding that slot for you, and clients regularly cancelling does cause me problems. Let me see where i can fit you in (suggest different time). If it is really impacting on taking appointments then be prepared to loose regular/repeat worst offenders. Although this is harder to implement if still building up a client base.
The more accomodating you are to changing appointments, the more it will happen.

Also, for clients not returning in time for followups, make it clear that there will be a cost for a full treatment.

There will always be people who will change for a variety of reasons ... it is all about minimising this. As business gets busier, instead of increasing prices, they could offer a discount for prepaid apointments, or even appointments booked online.

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ForeverHopeful21 · 12/05/2017 21:37

Hi, I work from home (converted garage) and I've had similar issues, so here is what I did:

  1. Have a website that takes bookings. This is good as I added a small section that people must read before booking. It explains that clients are advised not to arrive more than 10 minutes early, and those that do, to kindly wait outside and not disturb those currently having treatments. This info is also sent out on a reminder email 24 hours before their appointment.
  2. I leave at least a 15 minute turn over gap in-between each client, that way there is usually no cross over (which my clients love!). This also helps if people turn up early or late. If I end up with 'extra' time, I use it to return phone calls, update spreadsheets, put the washing on etc so I'm not wasting time / money.
  3. For bookings made online, a 50% deposit is taken and this is not refunded if they cancel with less than 24 hours notice. (Your friend could have this set to 48 hours is she wishes). I have a sign up in my studio which also explains this policy. So if people want to book in person, they know that they need to pay 50% up front.
  4. Similar to the 'top ups' issue. I had a major problem with people trying to use vouchers that had gone out of date (I allow 6 months), so now I text the client 4 weeks before it runs out reminding them that vouchers can not be used once out of date. Now people can't say that they forgot or didn't check the date etc. Theres no excuse, and I haven't had this issue since.

    As for the medical issue. I'm a massage therapist so I have to do consultations as well. Unfortunately it does uncover reasons why the treatment can't go ahead. Although it is very annoying (especially if they've been asked in advance) there is nothing you can do about this. Just remember that the client will be disappointed too. They don't usually do it on purpose and can't be charged for this.

    Hope that helps a little!
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