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Starting new pre-school group/class.

west173 · 30/10/2016 17:58

I am a qualified teacher working within the EYFS and am considering starting my own learning based pre-school group.
I would initially aim to run the group for 35 minute sessions on a Saturday morning offering a 2-3 year old class and a 3-4 year old class.

I live in a commuter town and as a working parent myself, I have noticed the lack of local classes and groups running during the weekend.

The sessions would run with the same structure every week -
1- intro song and dance.
2 - activity 1
3 - activity 2
4 - story and close.

My activities would be planned to match the Development Matters guidance and for each activity parents would receive an outline of what that activity was designed to do for their childs development and why.

e.g. Decorating an animal mask - developing early mark making and pencil grip. Encouraging creative thinking and using colours for particular purposes.

The idea is that the classes would allow the parents to get involved in their childs learning and development.

I'm looking for advice as to whether or not you feel this would take off?
I cant find anything like it so am unsure as to why it has not been done before - am I missing something?

Also - where do I go from here? I have researched local venues but am unsure what I would need in terms of insurance?

Many thanks,

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NickyEds · 13/11/2016 21:58

I don't think it's a great idea. Sorry! I think classes (music, tumble tots etc) are popular during mat leave and to occupy dc during the week (during non work days and for SAHMs). Everyone I know is busy on weekends. The only class style thing people do at weekends is swimming.

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sleeplessinderbyshire · 13/11/2016 22:00

I would have loved this. As a parent who has always worked 4 days a week I felt I really missed out on classes and I'd have loved to send by DH with one of the kids as well.

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