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Would you like a free coaching call to help with marketing your small business?

JustWriteforYou · 25/10/2016 23:25

Hi All,
I'm looking for volunteers to have a quick call with to help me with some research for a new course I'm creating for small business owners who don't have an effective marketing plan in place and want to give their marketing a kickstart so they can start to see more growth.

Here's who I'm looking for;

  • You have your own business which you would consider to be your dream . It's more than just 'a job' - it's how you'll make your mark/get more balance in your life/get more time with your family
  • You're passionate about it but you lack the marketing experience to get your message out there and as a result you're seeing little to no growth
  • You feel like you're repeating the same tactics over and over but seeing no results.

    If this is you I'd love to chat to you - I want to really understand your frustrations, blockers and what you feel would help you move forward.

    In return for 30 mins of your time and more insight into your marketing challenges, we can spend part of the call on coaching and coming up with some strategies to help.

    If you're interested then drop me an email to

    Thanks in advance :)
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