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My maternity cover

Mikethenight2good · 12/02/2016 23:00

I am in a really fortunate position that my main client has said my position will be available for me when I return from maternity leave. Considering I an contractor I think I am pretty dam lucky plus I love working there.
However now we have found my maternity cover, all of a sudden, I feel quite anxious that my boss, the MD, will like her, and there won't be a job for me when I go back. My cover is good and I was really impressed with her when I interviewed her, but deep down I feel I have done my own legs by putting her forward for second interviews and is now successful.
I know this is the risk of contracting, and I was quite aware of this before I got pregnant. But I love working there. And all of a sudden I am scared I am going to lose my fab job.
For what it's worth, hubby feels if the MD says they will have me back, they will. They are not the type of people to go back on their word. But having been made redundant by my previous employer (perm role) when pg with my first I am naturally anxious again about losing my job again.
I an going back 1 day a week after 6 months so not away for too long but still I am a little fretful.

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MrsMargoLeadbetter · 14/02/2016 00:06

Firstly, congrats on the pregnancy.

The client sounds like they really value you of they are willing to wait and have you back post mat leave and to go to the hassle (for a non employee) of finding a cover.

Don't overlook that fact - they could have easily said "You'll finish when you go on mat leave and we'll hire someone else going forward" if they wanted the easy route.

I would view your securing a good cover as a positive. You have made this easy for them:

  • told them about the pregnancy early enough to sort cover
  • arranged a cover
  • not asking for that long off

    I can see why they are keen to keep you and I am guessing you are good at what you do.

    Yes the cover might be great and yes they might suddenly decide they want her - but I think it is unlikely.

    Unfortunately you cannot control that. All you can do is to keep up your standard of work until your leave starts and ensure a good handover with your cover. Ensure they know you are coming back and how you enjoy working with them etc.

    Don't let your previous experience cloud this one. It sounds v different.

    Good luck.
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