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Research into Pre-school childcare. Volunteers needed who live in Battersea/Clapham or Stoke Newington.

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epru · 06/02/2002 12:15

We are carrying out research into how parents in London chose pre-school child care (0-5) for their children. If you live in Battersea/Clapham or Stoke Newington , pay or have paid for child care and can spare an hour, one of the research team will come to you at your convenience. All discussions are treated with strictest confidence. The sorts of questions we are interested in include what sort of care you have chosen for your child? Did you have a choice between several sorts of child care? what factors helped you decide? what have you particularly liked about your child care and what have you found difficult about securing the child care of your choice? We are based at the Education Policy Research Unit at London University's Insitute of Education. To volunteer ring Sophie Kemp or Polly Radcliffe on 020 7 612 6971 or email [email protected] Many thanks.

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