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Going rate for nannies and is it more for two children. Advice please ?

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Tillysmummy · 06/02/2004 07:59

Hi I just wanted to find out what the going daily rate for a nanny is (in the greater London area)can anyone tell me. I know there are tax issues but what I am interested in is what you pay them before tax. Also do you pay more if they look after two children ? And do they get holiday pay ?

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jmg · 06/02/2004 08:00

we pay ours £300 net per week for live out. You don't pay more for more than one child. Our nanny gets 5 weeks paid holiday per year.


Tillysmummy · 06/02/2004 08:10

Hi JMG thanks for the speedy response and what hours does she do and does she do all cooking and washing etc related to the children ?

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CountessDracula · 06/02/2004 09:41

Tillysmummy we pay the same as jmg plus we give her a car to use all the time (she is live out too). She gets 4 weeks paid holiday and 10 days sick pay (if she needs it) a year. She gets an extra week or two's holiday too as she only has to take 2 weeks holiday at the same time as us.

Only have one dd so don't know about the other issue.


binkie · 06/02/2004 09:58

Whether the nanny is qualified or not seems to make a big difference. Ours is, and I think we pay significantly more than friends who rely on childcare "experience" instead (which could be just as good). Big breath: we pay her £425 net/week, which covers two kids in central London, full-time 11-hour-plus days, one night babysitting/week, 4 weekends a year, yes all cooking, laundry, ironing for the children, some shopping for them, supervising homework, complete organisation of their lives & reliance on by us, and I think she has maybe taken 2 sick days in 3 years - and also relevant is that because we've had her 3 years her pay is boosted by annual increases too. Market has changed I think since she started with us, so I would think £350 net/week for someone qualified would be towards the top end. On the other hand there always jobs out there paying £600/week. Agree with others that you don't pay more for more children, unless you're nanny-sharing with another family.

If you want to find out gross, ie before tax, I think there are various websites that can calculate it for you if you put in the net figure. Certainly Nannytax would be able to tell you over the phone.


jmg · 06/02/2004 10:22

Tillysmummy - she works from 8am until 6.30pm. She gets from 9.30 - 12 off each day while my DS is at nursery (DD is at school). Like CD we also give her use of a car, but only for working hours.


jmg · 06/02/2004 10:24

Oops sorry forgot to answer your other question - yes she does their cooking and washing and tidies up, but we have someone do the ironing for us, so she doesn't do that. She changes the childrens beds once a week etc and keeps the playroom sorted out - taking old toys to charity etc.


jmg · 06/02/2004 10:26

Like Binkie ours in a qualified nanny - she is 25 and has about 8 years experience (5 of those working for us). We are not in central london though - on SELondon Kent borders and this does bring the going rate down a lot!


CountessDracula · 06/02/2004 12:35

Sorry Tillysmummy I didn't see the rest of the Q

Ours works 8am to 6pm or variations on those hours, though I often get rid of her early when I'm working from home.

She cooks lunch (and dinner if I am back late) for dd, washes/irons her clothes, does general bits and pieces around the house for me. She is really good eg if she sees we are low on milk or bread she'll buy some.

She has been with us for just over a year, but I have known her much longer.

She is qualified but not NNEB, she has a Diploma in Childcare and first aid qualifications, also has worked in nurseries etc for years and most importantly has her own dd who is 13 now.


Tillysmummy · 07/02/2004 17:50

Thanks ladies you've all been very helpful. Gives me something to think about.

OP posts:

kaz33 · 09/02/2004 20:19

£400 net a week, 8am to 6.30 does everything and looks after 2 boys. When I spoke to the agencies they told me that was the going rate for good quality nannies in central london - had gone up from £350 when we employed our first.

Agencies expensive way to find nannies, other possibilities Simply Childcare or websites such as


jampot · 09/02/2004 20:25

Hate to speak out of turn here but isn't the average working week not supposed to exceed 48 hours?


princesspeahead · 09/02/2004 20:52

domestic employees excluded I think
one advantage of living in the sticks is nannies are cheaper. 4.5 days a week, 7.30 - 6.30, live out, £265 net. 4 weeks holiday. aged 27, NNEB, masses of experience. has own car but we pay petrol at 40p/mile.
and she thinks we are paying her too much as all her friends get much less than her and don't get taken on swanky holidays!


Issymum · 09/02/2004 21:27

Our nanny lives in (own flat on second floor) and has use of a car. She looks after two children and works from about 8am (or whenever the children wake up) until 6pm when we finish work. Sounds like an early start, but she does get to start work in her pyjamas!
She gets holiday pay (4 weeks) and we pay her £250 net.
She is very relaxed about what she does and beyond the normal child related stuff will chuck the washing into the wm and then the tumble drier and even fold it. She draws the line at ironing and I don't blame her. She does our supermarket shopping and will do other shopping and errands, including buying my Christmas present from DH!
She often cooks dinner for us, particularly if I'm working late and will babysit at least one night a week.

She's 32, has a degree and lots of childcare experience, although no formal nanny qualification. Sadly she wants to do something more challenging and hopes to leave at the end of the year to train as a teacher.


hinnigan · 10/02/2004 16:37

Hi, I am a nanny and recently a new mother. I work in Islington, and the going rate here is £70-£90 a day, depending on experiance and qualification, and how old your children are. If you have a baby, or 2 or more children, then you will be looking to pay the higher end. I have lots of experiance and am able to give you lots of advice about agencies, nannies etc if needed


hinnigan · 10/02/2004 16:40

Nanny here again! holiday pay is statutory, the usual 4weeks , as is sick pay

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