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Job offer, advice please (Goes on a bit)

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Easy · 27/01/2004 09:39

As some of you may know, I've had some problems over the last year re surgery to my hip, and I have just started to walk again.
Before all this happened I was working self-employed, as an IT training consultant. A few weeks ago I saw a job advertised that would suit me very well. Not classroom teaching (which I couldn't do now, can't spend all day on my feet), but mentoring people taking professional exams. Anyway, I applied, explained my position (currently on crutches, working hard with physio to improve ASAP).Attended interview. The Agent has rung me to say that they liked me, and would love me to do the job BUT .... they are concerned about my physical capability right now, and want to come back to me in a couple of months. I understand their position BUT... the agent has asked me not to apply for any other jobs before then !

Do you think I can ask for any sort of commitment from the employer. I think I'm quite lucky to have landed a 'job offer' (if thats what it is) so soon (but then my self confidence has been pretty badly hit by the last 10 months).

I don't want to wreck my chances with this job (it really would suit me well), but on the other hand we're pretty skint, well in fact in debt, so I don't want to stop looking for 2 months, then find this job has disappeared.

BTW, anyone looking for a freelance book-keeper, I could do that for a while to bring in some cash while I'm waiting.

OP posts:

WideWebWitch · 27/01/2004 09:44

It's completely out of order to expect you to stop looking while they wait for you to get better! What are they on? So I'd tell them you may be interested in 2 months but equally you may not since you do intend to look in the meantime.


pollingfold · 27/01/2004 09:46

They can't make you not look for another job, a job offer is not a promise that they will give you ajob in a few months time (their circumstances maybe different).

I would carrying on looking for something and if there is something that you prefer then take that, if you don't then go back to them and hope that the offer is still there.


twiglett · 27/01/2004 09:48

message withdrawn


marialuisa · 27/01/2004 09:52

Just a thought, but what would they have done if you were disabled and obliged to use crutches permanently? This sounds very strange.


Easy · 27/01/2004 09:53

no twiglett I'm not sure at all, except he agent won't get a placement fee at all, if they don't offer me the position in the end.

Should I ask the agent to get me something in writing from the employer?

OP posts:

Easy · 27/01/2004 09:55


presumably not considered me. I think they're worried about me carrying files about, and wandering about their clients' sites.

And I know that thats immoral and against anti-discrimination legislation, but it's real life.

OP posts:

WideWebWitch · 27/01/2004 09:56

I would easy but wouldn't have thought they'll commit even to that - they sound flaky to me. excuse typing, babe asleep on me.

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