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hercules · 24/01/2004 17:18

I am going back to work soon and intend to express bmilk.Does anyone know what my legal rights are re this?

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marlou · 24/01/2004 22:49

Just had a look at some literature I have got on this subject and it suggests first discussing with your boss that you intend to express at work (appealing I know!!) but at least you will have made them aware of your intentions and won't have to sneek off to do it! And apparently the work place should provide rest facilities where you are able to express (not just the loos. I'm sure I have got some mor info on this but I can't find it at the mo, will go and have a look.


Lisa78 · 24/01/2004 22:54

Hi Hercules
My boss looked into this when I told her I was pregnant; they will provide me with a comfortable, lockable room and a small fridge for storage and as much time as I need
I presume this is a legal entitlement


Pimpernel · 25/01/2004 09:18

The Maternity Alliance should have up-to-date information on this. They used to do a booklet called "Having it all: a woman's guide to combining breastfeeding and work", which was quite helpful. Their helpline is also useful.

I expressed at work for about five months, until dd's first birthday. I did it in my lunch hour, but my employer supplied a lockable room to express in and a microwave for sterilising my equipment. I supplied a lockable container for storing it in the fridge.


tabitha · 25/01/2004 09:39

The Health & Safety Executive have a leaflet on this subject called, something like 'New and expectant mothers : your rights at work'. (leaflet no INDG373) It can be downloaded here
Sorry, don't know much about what it says - I did try to have a look at it earlier but my computer's playing silly b***s and wouldn't let me


hercules · 25/01/2004 11:01

thanks for all your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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aloha · 25/01/2004 11:01

I expressed in the loos! Ds is still here... Also brought all my stuff in a coolbag and stored the milk there. Didn't sterilise again at work and didn't keep it in the fridge. Lots of reasons for this - including the fact that I probably would have forgotten ever to take it home and the office fridge being more scary and revolting than the inside of my coolbag...

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