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Looking for a nanny in Reading

5 replies

Emmalou · 21/01/2004 13:43

I'm considering getting a nanny in Reading, Berks. Can anyone recommend either a nanny or an agency to talk to ? Anyone know how much I can expect to pay ? Thanks.

OP posts:

DSW · 21/01/2004 14:03

I can't help you there Emmalou - but changing the subject completely I live near Reading shall we try and arrange a Mumsnet Meet Up? I didn't think there was anyone else in this neck of the woods.


JanHR · 21/01/2004 16:16

Emmalou, My SIL is a nanny in Swindo area (I think) I will check with her if you would like.


Twink · 21/01/2004 17:54

I'll ask at the creche dd attends as we're quite close to Reading too.

There was a meet-up once ages ago, I couldn't go and I don't think any of the participants post any more (although I might be mistaken). Which side of Reading are you DSW ?


JanHR · 21/01/2004 20:34

Emmalou, I have just spoken to SIL. She will post details on gere for you.


NannyJo · 21/01/2004 21:05

Dear Emmalou
I used to be a Nanny in the Reading area for a few years three years ago. Iknow a few good Nannies but not sure if they're looking for work or not, I will check that out for you though. The aganecies I used were Tinies (01628 478843), Daisy Chains (01344641401), little angels (011893200730 and Smileys (01189461441). My advice would be to join with all in the yellow pages to maximise your chances of finding a good Nanny. Wages in my area (Swindon) are about £7nett per hour for a good Nanny and the Reading area is slightly higher I believe. Any good agency would give you help though. Good Luck

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