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Anyone use nurseries round Chiswick area?

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MammyShirl · 07/01/2004 14:34

My 9 month old dd is becoming a bit too much work for my mother who looks after her twice a week. I was thinking about putting her in a nursery for the two days i work. Anyone use any round Chiswick/Acton? Is 9 months too early?

OP posts:

BadHair · 13/01/2004 18:24

MammyShirl - I've only just seen your post. My ds1 used to go to Buffer Bear in Acton (Stanley Place, just off The Vale, opposite the park), and they were fab. That was 2 years ago, though (only because we left London, otherwise he'd probably be there still), but everything was spotless and the toys were all new, they had a small enclosed courtyard so the children could go outside, and the older children used to go across to Acton Park on nice days. The food was lovely too - made me hungry just reading the menus. He had his first (very mild)curry there, and tasted loads of things that there was no way he'd touch at home.
It's co-funded by BBC Worldwide as the nursery for their staff, if that makes any difference. The Manager was called Aran Ford, if I remember rightly, and she was lovely. The staff were quite young, but they were closely supervised and they really were great with ds1.
He was 5 months when he started and after a few initial hiccups he settled in fine. In fact it was me that used to blub when I left him in the mornings, not him.


CountessDracula · 13/01/2004 18:56

Mammyshirl have you seen my thread? I live in East Sheen only about 1 mile from Chiswick and my nanny is looking for another babe a couple of days a week to earn some extra money - she is fantastic with children (has an older dd of her own) and lives in Putney but comes to my house every day. Just a thought if you might be interested in that rather than a nursery. BTW she takes dd to playgroup 3 or 4 days a week so still getting well socialised


MammyShirl · 14/01/2004 11:25

countess dragaon

tell me more, was a bit worried about nannies but if you are happy with her, id like to know more.

it would be wednesdays to thursdays 9.30am - 6pm

my dd is 9 months.

look forward to hearing from you


OP posts:

CountessDracula · 14/01/2004 13:40

Mammyshirl I will mail you now!


MammyShirl · 14/01/2004 13:54

countessdragaon - ive not got a personal mail from mumsnet before - what do i have to do?

OP posts:

CountessDracula · 14/01/2004 13:58

They should send you an email to the address you are registered to. It will come from Carrie or Justine, not from me, but will contain my mail and details. You can then reply to it (or call me I've given you my number)


MammyShirl · 14/01/2004 14:10

Thanks for your help - i'll give you a call.
My dd will be 10 months this month so she would really enjoy being around your dd. the nanny must be good to be prepared to look after two that age - i can just about manage one!!!

speak soon

OP posts:

CountessDracula · 14/01/2004 14:17

Excellent - am just popping out and mobile not charged but will be back 3pm ish. If you're interested we can arrange for you to pop over sometime and meet dd/nanny/me and have a chat about it.

She is one of these people who seems to be able to look after about 4 kids and still leave the house immaculate afterwards - I have dd for 2 days and it looks like we've been burgled!


CountessDracula · 14/01/2004 18:00

MammyShirl, just wanted to check you had received my email.

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