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advice on 2 nurseries please

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JeniN · 22/12/2003 12:09

I'm going back to work soon and dd will be going to nursery initially three days a week, then four. Thing is, dh has a really good (heavily subsidised) workplace nursery. She's on the waiting list but is going to another excellent nursery to start with (could take up to 18 months). BUT we might be able to start her one day a week at the workplace nursery quite soon. Will it be too unsettling for her to have two nurseries? Does anyone have any experience of this? Even just one day will save us quite a bit on a monthly basis. Thanks x

OP posts:

Helsbels · 22/12/2003 12:16

IMO if she's going to go there ultimately then starting now could not be a bad thing. Babies are very adaptable. If she really hates the workplace one then at least you'll know. Also, saving a lot of money has to be important. I didn't have this decision to make but if I had I think I would have gone with both - she might enjoy it - double friends, double experience etc. It's at least worth a try, isn't it?


Chandra · 22/12/2003 12:29

We also wanted DS to attend a subsidised nursery (univ) but really had a problem to find a place for three days and he ended up going to three different nurseries a week. The first week I was very worried because he was a bit shy, but after a week he was fine, and he became very sociable. At the end, we decided not to use the subsidised nursery because we realised he was enjoying much more one of the others and now it's the only one he's attending. So, even if your baby doesn't like the idea of being in 2 different nurseries you at least get thechance to test which one suits you better.

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