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Christmas bonus for a childminer

13 replies

pupuce · 16/12/2003 22:33

What do you give?
Mine is a FAB! -I spend some £50/week on her fee but that has recently been increased to £70.... what should I give her ?

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twiglett · 16/12/2003 22:51

message withdrawn


samacon · 16/12/2003 22:55

My BFs a childminder and I can honestly tell you she'd rather have the money....


CountessDracula · 16/12/2003 22:56

Money + a token present I would say.


alibubbles · 17/12/2003 07:29

As a childminder, something chosen personally for her, not just a bottle of wine in a wine bag!

I love flowers, but always get given them the day before we are going away and end up having to give them to my neighbour, such a shame.

Nice bath stuff - The Sanctuary do lovely stuff in Boots, a nice scarf, a manicure or pedicure voucher, or a massage voucher, something special for her own use.

Hope that helps!


motherinferior · 17/12/2003 08:15

Mine is getting a bottle of very nice organic gin, which I know is her absolute favourite: I know it's not very imaginative but I also know she'll appreciate it. I'll add some flowers as well, thank you alibubbles. With two kids costing us £228 a week (and she's worth every penny) I can't afford anything more!


pupuce · 17/12/2003 09:06

These are good ideas.... my dilemna is that she has several families... if we all give her wine or flowers.... that's why I thought money - she is not (to my knowledge) into toiletteries at all.
I thought if I gave her money she could treat herself and her kids to cinema or meal.... don't know really. Of course present is easier as it is likely to have to be less than money....

OP posts:

StarryStressyHead · 17/12/2003 09:20

My sister is a childminder and I think she would prefer a gift token rather than money.

She also says she doesn't mind flowers, chocs or anything really as she doesn't ever expect anything and is grateful to receive a gift at all.

I intend to give her a token for a massage from my dd.


SnowyZebra · 17/12/2003 09:22

Gave ours a bottle of moderately expensive wine (she can share with her 18yo DD) and a nifty lego kit for her 8yo son. It makes ME happy when my kids get a gift they like...


motherinferior · 17/12/2003 09:26

Pupuce - if she gets lots of bottles of nice wine I really don't think it'll be a disaster!


katierocket · 17/12/2003 09:51

I'd go for vouchers but maybe for somewhere bit nicer than M&S - John Lewis or Selfridges (depending on where you live)


alibubbles · 17/12/2003 11:36

SSH is right, childminders don't expect anything, so a gift is always a nice thought whatever it is aas it shows you have thought about them.

I don't think I'd like to be given money, but certainly wouldn't refuse it!! That's why vouchers for something different are always well received.

Motherinferior, the organic gin sounds great, it shows that you know her and it is a personal thing, by the way, I love Bombay sapphire gin !

Pupuce, cinema voucher or a theatre voucher would be cool!

I think it is lovely that you all want to reconise what your childminders do for your children, we love our job, but it is wonderful to be rewarded more than just financially.

My mindies are off from 18th to 12th January, I sahll miss them, especially the baby, as she is 11 months now, changing so quickly, and great to have around.


motherinferior · 17/12/2003 11:51

Well, Alibubbles, I've said before that my dd1's only social skills come from her childminder. She stayed there overnight when I had dd2. Over the past two and a half years I've grown to trust her and know her family so much that I'm happy for her dh or son to mind a sleeping dd2 for 20 minutes while all the others do the school pick-up (something I would never, never trust anyone else with). A bottle of gin is a tiny part of what I owe her!


pupuce · 18/12/2003 21:16

Thanks for all your suggestion... so she missed the £50 cheque and got wine, fine chocolates and bluebell bulbs in a nice pot....

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