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Infant Massage

10 replies

Beccarollo · 18/11/2003 21:11

Im applying to do the course in Infant Massage Instructor.

Would enable me to teach others the techniques for baby massage.

Do you think this is worthwhile? Its quite pricey!

Baby massage is popular enough that I should have no trouble finding interested people- isnt it?

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codswallop · 18/11/2003 21:12

ooh yes -they just started it at ourlesiure centre - if you finish in time you can cater for the spring baby rush!


Beccarollo · 18/11/2003 21:17

I would be doing the course in January, or May if there is no room left - ooooooooo excited - it is v worthwhile to do isnt it? Especially when Im planning on training in holistic therapies later anyway, it can complement that - just having a confidence crisis for a change!

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fisil · 18/11/2003 21:58

I provided a baby for the instructor training course early this year, and it was fab. You would certainly get takers.


Beccarollo · 19/11/2003 16:26

Well Ive put my application in to do it so hope I get on the course, limited places apparently - it costs £380 but you get a training doll to practice on!!

OP posts:

codswallop · 19/11/2003 16:37

and Harvey will offer his services!


Beccarollo · 19/11/2003 16:45

Was wondering about that - do you think when I start doing the classes to teach people I could take him - would seem a bit daft getting a baby looked after while I go to take a baby massage class - he will be the most chilled baby in the world with 6 daily massages or something!

On the subject - does anyone go to baby massage?

Is it good?
How has it improved things with baby (crying, colic etc)
How much do you pay?

OP posts:

katierocket · 19/11/2003 17:35

i took ds to baby massage when he was about 3months
it was good. think he enjoyed it but not sure it helped with sleeping or anything.
was certainly popular.
would it be a problem taking your own baby in case they got fed up and then took you away from concentrating on lesson?


Zerub · 19/11/2003 17:47

dd was 5 months when we did it and was too old IMO - got bored quite easily and didn't want to lie down! I think that might be an issue with your ds - he's going to get bored of being massaged so much isn't he? Also our instructor used to go round the class watching each of us and showing us how to do it right, on our babies - hard to do if you're looking after your own ds? Depends how chilled he is!


popsycal · 19/11/2003 18:25

a friend of mine did a course on baby massage and swore by it.
i put my name down but the next available place coincided with when i returned to work
the same friend bought us a brilliant book about baby massage
will hunt it out and post the title etc


JulieF · 20/11/2003 14:08

I would have loved to do baby massage when dd was younger but the only course in our area was run by Sure Start and they told me I had the wrong postcode to attend.

I would have been prepared to pay £1 or £2 per week I think. The Sure Start one was free.

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