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Diet pills info required

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dietpills · 22/09/2003 14:20

A friend of my Nanny's mentioned to me the other day that she (the nanny) had been taking diet pills. I'm a bit worried, don't know whether to mention it or not. I feel it's none of my business in one way, but aren't diet pills just amphetimines?

If so, are you ok to look after a child/drive etc when you are on them? Don't they make you unable to sleep etc? My dd is 18 months old and I'm understandably a bit concerned about this.

What should I do?

OP posts:

dietpills · 22/09/2003 15:20

I wonder if the title of this post is no good. Should I be putting it under something else?

Any advice would be good as I think if i am going to say something I should do it soon.

Has anyone taken these pills?

OP posts:
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