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1 day a week in a nursery

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vickie · 16/09/2003 15:00

Im really excited as a friend is starting up a business and wants me to help 2 days a week. I am really keen but of course worried about DD as she isa 11 months and hasnt been apart from me. MIL will look after her on Mondays and she has a place in a nursery on Tuesdays. Im worried she will find it extra difficult to settle as she's only in nursery 1 day a week as she's at a clingey age anyway. However, it's my choice to only work 2 days a week as I want to spend as much time with her as poss.

Anyone else out there with children doing 1 day a week and enjoying it? Am I worrying for the sake of worrying (seem to spend most of my time doing this these days).

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musica · 16/09/2003 15:01

Ds does one day a week, and it's great - he really benefits, but is still at home with me most of the time. He did cry when I left him, up till recently (he's now 2), but once I'd gone was fine. Go for it!


vickie · 16/09/2003 15:04

Thanks Musica - how long did he cry for and how old was he when he started? So many questions - sorry!!

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musica · 16/09/2003 15:12

He started nursery at 3 months, and started to cry on being left at about 8 or 9 months - he stopped that just before his 2nd birthday. BUT - I used to listen at the door, and he would cry for about 20 seconds, and then just get on with playing - I think he was just trying it on, because when I went to pick him up he was so happy he didn't want to leave!


easy · 16/09/2003 15:16


My ds started doing 1 day a week when he was just 1 year old, to give me a break, and get him used to being with other children (we knew he would always be an only one).

He used to cry when I left, but stopped as soon as I was out of sight (I know cos one day I hid and watched him). He loved it, and it really did him good. I think it's one of the reasons he is a confident, non-clingy child now (just 4).

I personally think it's ideal to start them off at one or two days, even if longer term it would be full time


vickie · 16/09/2003 15:20

Im feeling a lot better about this already - thanks for all the comments. I really want to give DD some independence and the nursery is lovely - they are all so good with her. Im just a born worrier I think!

OP posts:

Angiel · 16/09/2003 21:49

I've just put my 2 youngest into nursery one day a week. They've only been twice and they absolutely love it. I had a few tears from the youngest one but she was fine after a few minutes. Wish I had done it years ago.


Claireandrich · 16/09/2003 21:56

My DD goes to nursery just 2 days a week and loves it. She started at about 5 months and she is now 17 months. She has always loved going and she gains so much from it. I am sure your DD will have a great time playing with new friends, learning from them, painting, cooking and a whole range of other activities.

I know it is hard but try not to worry. DD will no doubt be fine, but do take tissues with you when you first drop her off - for yourself. You are more likely to need them than her I suspect. I know I did

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