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Too much disruption?

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whellid · 15/09/2003 12:42

Haven't been on Mumsnet for ages so feel a bit bad coming on to ask for advice, but couldn't think of anywhere better.
Ds is 20 months and has been with his childminder for just over a year. She has just given us a months notice as she is giving up childminding.
I am 32+ weeks pregnant, and work from home. We were hoping that when the baby arrives ds would still go at least some of the time to the childminder so that his routine wasn't too disrupted.
So, I don't know whether to try to find another childminder who can have ds straight away and then the baby next year, or whether I should keep ds at home with the baby and start them both with a new childminder next year.
Would going to a new place, and then a few weeks later having a new baby be too much disruption for ds?
It would be hard for me to work and look after ds, but by the time the childminders notice has run out it would only be 2 weeks before I stop working anyway, so manageable.
I just keep changing my mind on what we should do, so any thoughts / experiences would be great.

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whellid · 16/09/2003 08:18

My Mum thinks I should keep ds with me so that he gets used to the baby, but MIL thinks that the sooner he's with a new childminder / nursery the better as then he won't feel rejected when he has to go there after the baby is born. I would keep them both at home for at least two months after the baby arrives, but ds would probably have to go to childcare a month or two before the baby so that I could start doing some work again.

OP posts:

Sari · 16/09/2003 10:32

It might depend a bit on how well your ds deals with changes in his life, but I think getting him settled with a childminder before the new baby comes is a good idea. If he has a few weeks to settle in before the baby then that will probably be fine. And then that will already be his routine when the baby comes and nothing out of the ordinary.

Also, I know that when ds2 arrived it was an absolute godsend to be able to keep sending ds1 to nursery. Ds1 had absolutely no problem accepting the baby, largely because I could lavish attention on him after nursery, having had the baby to cuddle all day. So no-one got jealous and no-one missed out. It was also a bit of peace and quiet for me and meant that I could really enjoy the first few weeks of ds2.

I work from home too and imagine that being heavily pregnant, having a toddler around, and trying to do some work would be a nightmare. Also, imagine how nice it would be to have the last few weeks of pregnancy to relax rather than chase around after your ds.

So, a vote from me for the childminder.

Hope that helps.


codswallop · 16/09/2003 10:35

change before the baby I reckon.

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