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childminders pay

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Mak · 27/08/2003 21:03

Hi, wondered if anyone could tell me what happens about paying your childminder when your child starts a LEA nursery part-time i.e fees.
My DD is due to start nursery in the v. near future. I would still like her childminder to continue caring for her for the session she isn't at nursery. What should I expect to pay - full, half or no rates (wishful thinking me thinks)?
Childminder is v. good and has cared for DD full-time since she was 9 months old.

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nicm · 28/08/2003 00:09

Hi mak

I'm a childminder and the general rule is that if they are responsible for the child when they are at nursery, ie. do you want them to go to nursery if child is sick etc, then full pay would be expected. If not then i don't think any pay is taken. although this is the general rule not everyone sticks to them, it is at the cm's discertion as to what they charge. Hope this helps.


fidget · 28/08/2003 08:04

I am a childminder and if I take and collect the child from nursery I do charge full fees, if the parent collects I only charge while the child is in my care.I wouls simply ask your childminder you may be pleasantly surprised! but I do think the general 'rule' is to charge full fees.


alibubbles · 28/08/2003 08:09

Hi, if your c/m takes your child to nursery and picks them up, they are obviously responsible for the child whilst they are there. The c/m would then be paid in full, this is fairly usual, but does cause a lot of problems as parents often think that they are paying for time theeir child is not being looked after. Most parents are happy to pay as they would not want to have to leave work to pick up there child for any reason.

If your c/m only picks the child up from nursery, then the c/m will charge from the time she leaves her house. plus any mileage incurred.

I was lucky enough to be paid while they were ar school as I was in loco parentis at all times as parents were out of the country or travelling. They knew that they could rely on me and that I would always be there.

There is a space to do wuith playgroup and nursery fees on the contract and explanatory notes on the back.


Mak · 28/08/2003 17:26

Thanks all
Found out today childminder does want full fees. She wouldn't be inloco parentis during the time DD was at nursery as I wouldn't have any difficulties leaving work. I perfectly understand that DD is taking a full place and thought perhaps half fees were reasonable. However, as CM is good, and she has a v. good relationship with DD, and I don't want to lose her I will probably have to pay full fees.
Thanks again for your advice- it's been really useful

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