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Help! Application form headache!!!

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snowbird · 27/08/2003 20:37

I have been a sahm for the past year and now feel ready to go back to work. I have an application form in front of me asking about my current employment, how do I describe myself? Does SAHM sound okay or do I put homemaker? housewife? If you were an employer what would be acceptable? Help!!!

OP posts:

spacemonkey · 27/08/2003 21:02

This was years ago, but I used to put "full time parent" on my CV - didn't seem to put any employers off as far as I know!

Good luck btw


snowbird · 27/08/2003 21:31

Thanks spacemonkey

OP posts:

twiglett · 28/08/2003 21:04

message withdrawn


madgirl · 28/08/2003 21:49

I was at home for 18 months full time and said i had been a "full-time mother". I had absolutely no raised eybrows at all. in fact i think people like it. it's always a good talking point and i think a good way of talking through your skill set - which as a mother will of course be fanTAStic!


JanHR · 28/08/2003 22:02

I recently put "home Executive" on an application form. It got some interest


bunny2 · 29/08/2003 15:34

Full time mother sounds better than homemaker IMO. Homemaker or houeswife conjuers up very old-fashioned images of a woman baking in her pinny.

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