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Is Child benefit the only thing I am able to claim as a working Parent?

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Firstbump · 25/08/2003 17:37

I have just had my first child, I am going back to work for 4 days a week and my husband also works full time. I have sent off my claim form for child benefit. Are there any other claims to make for children????

OP posts:

janh · 25/08/2003 18:13

Children's Tax Credit - though if you earn a lot you only get £10 something a week (and if you earn a huge lot you get nowt) but it's better than nothing. You can apply on-line.

When do those government savings schemes where they put in £500 start?


bunny2 · 25/08/2003 18:52

Working Families Tax credit. Not sure if how you qualify but you can apply online. The Gov has made it so complicated now lots of thise entitled to the credits havent applied.


janh · 25/08/2003 19:09

Sorry, firstbump, it's actually called the New Child Tax Credit (Not to be confused with the old Children's Tax credit, I just read somewhere - oops.)

Anyway this Inland Revenue page has information and links.


twiglett · 25/08/2003 19:16

message withdrawn


misdee · 25/08/2003 19:44

well i made my application two weeks ago, recieved my form to send back and sign so should hopefully get my 1st lot of money in a week. fingers crossed.


janh · 25/08/2003 20:07

I applied by internet early this year (January maybe) and started getting the money in the bank in April but have never sent or received a single piece of paper. Hope they don't ask for it back!


runragged · 26/08/2003 20:10

I applied and started getting the obligatory £10 a week in April but when my circumstances changed and I rang them they paid me about 2 days later! AND they back paid me a load of money that I don't think I'm entitled to - it's really complicated though so am not querying it! Anyway, first bump I think you should receive the one off baby payment.

Make sure you apply soon, they will only back date for 3 months and if you have been on maternity leave I think you will be entitled to something for then when you weren't earning (provided dh doesn't earn mega bucks!)


runragged · 26/08/2003 20:11

Oh Janh, I didn't receive an paperwork in April, but did in August when my payments changed.


wobblymum · 29/08/2003 22:15

janh - I applied over the net about 3 weeks ago and checked my account today and found a reasonably nice sum in there but no sign of paperwork and I never had to send anything off. I didn't expect to send anything because I thought they could check it all on their systems. But I would have thought that if they'd been organised enough to pay me some money, they'd be organised enough to send me an explanation of what it was for as well. They'd better send something soon though, else I'll be onto them, I need something as proof for the Sure Start Maternity Grant.

Firstbump, if you get the tax credit, Income Support or Income-based JSA, you can get the Maternity Grant which is £500 in your pocket, but you can only claim up to 3 months after birth.


rainbow · 30/08/2003 00:26

Twiglett - were you one of the first to apply for April? I was and yes it was a bit chaotic. £ arrived before paperwork. Seems to have settled down a lot now tho. my friend Pod had a baby end of april and claim begininng May. Her claim went thru quite quickly. Good Luck Firstbump

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