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Is training to be a solicitor a stupid idea?

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marialuisa · 23/08/2003 21:23

After working in HE since graduating and ditching a PhD 2/3 of the way through thanks to DH's career, I'm getting increasingly desperate to escape academia. I'm seriously considering training to be a solicitor, has anyone out there done this? Or done it with a child (DD is 2.5y)?
Am I crazy to consider this in terms of workload, competition for places, jobs etc...?

In the long term I'd hope to work in a small local firm, I've no hotshot desires!

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misdee · 23/08/2003 21:25

go for it!!!


twiglett · 23/08/2003 21:36

message withdrawn


Jimjams · 24/08/2003 08:45

Expensive to train if you are going to be working for a local firm as they won't sponser you through your CPE if you need it and LPC.

Also lawyers tend to work long hours- that includes the high street firms. And the wages in a high street firm will be crap. It can be difficult to get the trainee years in a high street firm as they often don't have enough departmensts to provide enough experience - and if you train in a commercial firm (which is competitive to get a place) it means long long hours.

If you really want to do it- go for it- but maybe talk to as may different solicitors as possible, and try and get some work experience, so you're sure you want to do it.

I had a friend who went into law when she was in her 30's. She found it difficult to get a training contract (ageist firms), but did eventually in a a high street firm. Last I heard she was loving the job, but she has no kids and a rich boyfriend


bristolmum · 15/02/2004 06:26

Don't want to put you off, but have left law to look after child. Personally, I would say that it is NOT something that you can do with a child - the study is horrendus and will be bad enough to do with kids (I read law at Uni and would say I averaged 30-40 hours reading a week) and it only gets worse when you are in work.

If you did, you would be have to be very sure that you could switch from work to home mode - law tends to be a job that you take home with you and I never could switch off.

That having been said, I do know lots of women who do have kids and have carried on working - not for me but then I love being at home with mine.

Good luck with what ever you decide - twig was right to say do try and spend some time working in a firm/shaddowing first as it will give you a good idea.


marialuisa · 15/02/2004 20:06

cheers. Actually managed to get wonderful job in uni admin. (I'm weird, I know) so no need to kill myself trying law.

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