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Artists/graphic designers wanted.

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BearintheBigBlueHous · 29/07/2003 10:59

Are there any artists/graphic designers out there? I need advice on CAD/graphics for beginners.

I'm trying to do something for myself while a full-time SAHP and am interested in designing T-shirt logos (long story) and possibly some web design. I can draw (hell, I have an A level) but have never drawn on computer and would really like to find a beginners graphics package for my PC (crave a Mac but DP needs us to have Windows for compatibility with office systems). Does anyone out there have any experience of any package that would enable me to draw cartoon-based designs and logos from a standing start? Is Corel DRAW Essentials any good, or would that be running before I can walk? Do Freehand or Illustrator come in amateur versions or are they only for pros? Or is there anything basic in the MS Windows software suite? Any advice gratefully received.

PS do not plan to reduce hours allotted to primary care-giver role - just want to do something fulfilling that I can squeeze in during naps and in the evenings.

OP posts:

whymummy · 29/07/2003 11:06

hi bear,i`ll be interested in knowing too,i have design a few t-shirts for kids,i do my own drawins and then coloured them with photodeluxe,but i want to get photoshop as is a lot better,i also did a cartoon academy course,i hope someone can give us some advice,thanks for posting this


WideWebWitch · 29/07/2003 11:10

Hi there, my dp is knowledgable on this kind of stuff so I'll ask him later and post then.

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