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Woolly Hugs is a charity established by a group of Mumsnet users. They knit / crochet handmade blankets and other items for families experiencing difficult times.

Woolly hugs

Woolly Hugs. A Blanket for the very lovely Ludoole. Crafters and donors, we need your help.

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KnottyAndPistey · 13/01/2016 17:02

I'm afraid we bring very sad news. Ludoole's beloved husband died at the beginning of December, he had been suffering from metastatic colorectal cancer. Such devastating news, we are so sorry that life has been so cruel. Our love and thoughts are with her and their family. Her thread is here. Bless her heart.

We have offered to make Ludoole and her boys a blanket to show our love and support and to offer what comfort we can, and we are delighted to say she has accepted.

So lovely donors and crafters, we are asking for help once again Sad Thanks

If you would like to be involved in any way, please post on this thread and PM with your offers: crafting, donating, need wool, etc, we can help you with all of it.

Thank you so much Thanks

The Yarn we are Using….

  • Artesano Superwash Merino DK
  • Debbie Bliss Rialto DK
  • Drops Merino Extra Fine DK
  • Jenny Watson Pure Merino DK
  • Patons Merino Extrafine DK
  • Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK
    Just from the brands listed please because we know they combine for wash and wear. If you still have any of our wools that have been discontinued - Rowan Cashsoft DK, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK or James C. Brett Pure Merino DK in your stash, please do use them.

    The Colours
    Blues and purples, greens
    Just for embellishments and accents: red but only this one please Jenny Watson Pure Merino DK WM6 ‘Ruby,’ white, black, and Jenny Watson pure merino DK WM7 ‘taupe’

    Ideas and suggestions for squares.
    Ludoole and her sons have been talking, thank you so much to them for sharing their ideas. Beautiful.

    He loved all aspects of music.
    He travelled the world through his work and loved it.
    He loved flying-he had a private pilots licence and loved flying above the clouds.
    He loved fireworks and did huge displays. Blue fireworks are particularly symbolic.
    He loved to see the sea.
    He loved animals, especially their yorkie Will.
    He used to leave little notes with hearts on for her to find.
    He loved pottering in the garden and made me a rose garden before he died.
    He believed in Angels.
    Lastly we used to look at the stars at night while holding each other tightly..

    We also have the family’s initials, if anyone would like to tackle these, please PM..

    Please don't feel daunted by these suggestions, we love plain squares and simple textures too. They look as stunning as the more complex squares and play a vital role in the overall effect.

    Squares to be 6 inches, using 4mm hook or needles. All crafting abilities genuinely welcome, squares made by beginner or expert are equally welcomed. It really is the love and thought that counts.

    Our Crafting Guide is a good place for support, and previous blankets can be seen on our website too. We are on Facebook - Woolly Hugs and Twitter too @Woolly_Hugs both are good ways to keep in touch.

    When finished please sew in those ends but don’t block your work. Then PM for details for posting.

    As always heartfelt thanks for your support

    Thinking of Ludoole, her beloved DH, their family and friends.

OP posts:
KnottyAndPistey · 13/01/2016 17:09

How we wish these blankets were never needed, but so glad we can make this for lovely Ludoole and her boys xxx


OP posts:
MrsHathaway · 13/01/2016 17:28

How awful. Thinking of her family and looking for yarn.

fanjodisfunction · 13/01/2016 17:30

Such sad news, will pm you.

KnottyAndPistey · 13/01/2016 17:36

Thank you xxx

OP posts:
WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo · 13/01/2016 17:38

Awful news, my sympathies Ludoole and family. I will PM now.

KnottyAndPistey · 13/01/2016 17:53

Thank you xxxx

OP posts:
KnottyAndPistey · 13/01/2016 18:11

Just coming to Pms now Thanks

OP posts:
GleamingHeels · 13/01/2016 18:21

Such sad news, I will make squares, have PM'd you. He sounds like an amazing man!

TheNinjaGooseIsHooking · 13/01/2016 18:29

such sad news, will pm now

PenelopeClearwater · 13/01/2016 18:33

Sent a PM. Much love to Ludoole and family xx

PolterGoose · 13/01/2016 18:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TrinityRhino · 13/01/2016 18:41

Such awful, sad news.
I'm in. Could I be sent yarn though please as I don't have any of those listed.

KnottyAndPistey · 13/01/2016 18:43

Of course lovely Trin - could you Pm us, then we will find you easily when we are working through. Hoping to post yarn on Friday

Thank you so much everyone, you are all marvellous Thanks

OP posts:
Stratter5 · 13/01/2016 19:00

I would like to knit please

KnottyAndPistey · 13/01/2016 19:01

Welcome on board lovely Stratters, thank you so much, really appreciate this, do you need yarn?

OP posts:
KnottyAndPistey · 13/01/2016 19:24

Trin , lovely, PM us. We'll get some to you. x

OP posts:
KnottyAndPistey · 13/01/2016 19:25

MN is playing up. Sorry if we seem to repeat ourselves.

OP posts:
Stratter5 · 13/01/2016 19:58

Please, yes could I be sent some, I'm confined to barracks, and can't get to the LYS.

TheWoollybacksWife · 13/01/2016 20:10

Count me in. Love to Ludoole and her loved ones Flowers

Will PM you now.

SpiralArchitect · 13/01/2016 20:16

I will make a couple of squares - I have wool in those colours. Will PM now.

Thinking of Ludoole and her family Flowers

KnittingPearl · 13/01/2016 20:55

I'd like to knit a square - I can provide my own yarn.

AssembleTheMinions · 13/01/2016 20:57

I'm in for a couple of very plain squares.

Sending much love xx

HorsesDogsNails · 13/01/2016 21:09

So sad, I'm in. I'll PM about both

Ginxed · 13/01/2016 21:41

I've pm'd, thoughts are with Ludoole x

droitwichmummy · 13/01/2016 22:24

Count me in. I will pm with an offer to do some roses

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