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Ukraine's got Talent Winner 2009!!!

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Sakura · 10/06/2010 14:16

I didn't know where to put this but WOW

She's a sand painter...which means she uses sand to paint the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
YOu've GOT to see this

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Sakura · 10/06/2010 14:24

got to bump it myself, I'm so excited. It's that good.

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SweetDreamerGirl · 11/06/2010 18:16

I think it is amazing. Yes, the artist has indeed got talent!

You may like to take a look at a different but equally impressive type of painting video at

mathanxiety · 12/06/2010 17:50

I don't think it was a Russian invasion of Ukraine she portrayed (which didn't happen anyhow) but World War 2 and its effect on a sleepy little town and a young couple's lives -- the old tape that played right after the couple is shown sitting together on the bench is the Soviet announcement of Operation Barbarossa (the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union; "Allemania" is mentioned), and the final scene is 1945 when the soldier returns home.

Sakura · 15/06/2010 04:31

Thanks mathanxiety
, I didn't pay too much attention to which war it was, although I was sure the Russian Soviets invaded the Ukraine as they expanded the Soviet Union.

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Sakura · 15/06/2010 04:35

Ah, the Ukraine was under Soviet Russian rule until the invasion of the Nazis in 1941.
yes the art was about invasion by the Nazis, not the Soviets. BUt the Russians did invade the Ukraine.

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Sakura · 15/06/2010 04:52

Thanks SDG, loved it!

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