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Depressing, sexist ad campaign

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ShoeInGum · 03/05/2010 19:39

Don't even want to say the name of the company or link to the campaign because they are revelling in the additional publicity generated by general reaction in Ireland but here it is anyway - Hunky Dory sexist bollocks - there are a few different versions.

And just on a point of information they don't sponsor the Irish rugby team and are nothing to do with the IRFU. They sponsor some town rugby team or something.

OP posts:
KinderellaTristabelle · 03/05/2010 21:00

Yes, very offensive.

They are everywhere around the area we live in (in Northern Ireland).

I have e-mailed the ceo Raymond Coyle [email protected] to complain.

Also the postal address is:

Mr. Raymond Coyle, CEO
Largo Foods
Co. Meath

KinderellaTristabelle · 10/05/2010 14:08

Advertising Standards Agency Ireland bans the campaign. See here.

Not sure if it was because it was sexist or because of the IRFU complaint though!

Horrible sexist campaign. Thank goodness the posters are coming down.

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