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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

ErrolTheDragon · 26/09/2023 14:08

AIBU thread

It's always a man... content warning: concerns animal cruelty

ladycardamom · 26/09/2023 14:59

It's horrific. I deleted my online dating profile after reading the article yesterday. It was final straw. Revolting.

Redbird87 · 26/09/2023 15:54

The best way to keep up with the people caught up in the zoosadism logs is via kiwifarms. Most of the people caught up in the ring were also abusing children like this, some of them in countries without animal cruelty laws, so if they beat the csam charges, they were free to go do this awful stuff again.

I work with animals, the number of loving owners taking in seized animals that had been sexually abused, or even stolen from their yards and raped, is unbelievable.

PatatiPatatras · 26/09/2023 18:31

😮vomit 🤢

I'm going to wash my brain. Pretend I never read that and go back to believing that encountering a raped animal was ultra rare.

TooOldForThisNonsense · 26/09/2023 23:20

Every time you think the depths of human depravity can’t get any lower. Sick evil fuck

Redbird87 · 26/09/2023 23:39

@PatatiPatatras Unfortunately, it's an issue like child abuse, where it's far more common than we're comfortable with. I can't even go into it a little without being deleted again, but I will say that there are veterinarian and animal control sexual abuse exam and evidence collection kits.

Remember when the Epstein thing happened, or Jimmy Saville, and everybody was so shocked but also kinda not? That's what these stories are like, of course there are communities of well-connected individuals doing this, there's thousands of pages of documentation (again: zoosadist leaks, don't read them in their entirety, but consider reading edited condensed versions).

It's sick and I'm honestly more scared of humans hurting my horses and other livestock and pets than I am mountain lions or bears.

This guy getting caught is great, he's going to be taking so many down with him.

Recognizing sexual abuse in animals

FBI to categorize animal cruelty in national crime database

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