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Does your MP think women can have a penis? New website.

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IcakethereforeIam · 23/09/2023 21:32

Found this Telegraph article (archive link), this extract sums it up

An “army” of volunteers in an apolitical new grassroots campaign is gearing up to meet all MPs and parliamentary candidates at hustings events and on their doorsteps to ask each one the question: “What is a woman?”

It seems to be headed by Sharron Davies.

OP posts:
KCandtheSunlightBand · 23/09/2023 22:31

Personally, I think this is a good idea. It will help me, as an individual, decide if I can bring myself to put a cross next to a condidates name or whether it will be a spoilt ballot paper, again. However I can foresee that there are areas where it will definitely not be beneficial for a candidate to come out as a woman’s rights activist, and so will be a hindrance for some candidates.

Rightsraptor · 23/09/2023 22:40

I just read this in the DT and thought what an interesting idea and the results will sort the sheep from the goats..I was wondering, though, if they should have some kind of list of options, otherwise the MPs might witter on for ever without giving a clear answer.

ArabeIIaScott · 23/09/2023 22:52

'The trans debate is likely to be one of the fiercest battlegrounds of the 2024 general election'

'No debate' is well and truly over, then.

bluedomino · 23/09/2023 22:55

Good. Can you also make sure they know what a croc of shite "gender" is please?

AnneLovesGilbert · 23/09/2023 23:01

Excellent idea. My MP is a good egg, we’ve corresponded regularly and we don’t agree on much and I didn’t vote for him but he’s very sensible about this. He’s standing down and I don’t have a clue who the candidates are to replace him from any party. It’ll be interesting.

IcakethereforeIam · 23/09/2023 23:01

I'm assuming the website doesn't exist yet otherwise there would be a link. I can't imagine what they're going to call it.

OP posts:
dimorphism · 23/09/2023 23:46

I'd like to suggest a name for the website: has your MP lost the plot?

dimorphism · 23/09/2023 23:51


Your MP: fan of reality based decisions, or completely delusional fantasist?

Immoralplant · 24/09/2023 11:31

Is your MP an idiot?

Oblahdeeoblahdoe · 24/09/2023 11:36

I shall be asking this question to all the candidates at the next GE. I would never vote for our sitting MP (think conspiracy theorist) but I'd like to know what the others think.

Camdenish · 24/09/2023 11:47

My MP isn’t an idiot and I don’t see him being a delusional fantasist about anything else. He just seems to want to do what he’s been told public opinion wants him to do, rather than do what the right thing to do is.

MrsOvertonsWindow · 24/09/2023 11:54

Brilliant idea. Voters need to know if they're voting for someone in the grip of a delusion, easily persuaded by fantasists and therefore unfit to take on the serious job of governing. Leadership requires clear thinking, ability to understand science and facts and confidence in speaking the truth, not someone in thrall to the latest gender wibble.

happydappy2 · 24/09/2023 12:39

My MP is Marsha De Cova & she tows the party line that TWAW. Ludicrous. I hope the website gets lots of publicity.

FKATondelayo · 24/09/2023 12:56

My sitting Tory MP is ex Pink News MP of the Year and the Labour candidate has a trans ally flag so I'm gonna to be doing something nice for me on election day. Maybe a mani-pedi.

ArabeIIaScott · 24/09/2023 13:04
Bla Ignore GIF by de chinezen

I have actual footage of my MP's response they are free to use:

RavingStone · 24/09/2023 14:27

I would like to ask each MP at what point it is reasonable for me to object to losing my sex based rights.

Maybe a sliding scale with "all women shortlists accepting males" and "single sex sports categories allowing males" at one end; many items in the middle around general loss of safeguarding (single sex public spaces, schools, healthcare etc); then forcing female prisoners to share with males; forced birth; and all the way up to the complete curtailment of public life inflicted on women in places like Iran.

I want MPs to reflect on these misogynist acts and ask themselves which level of misogyny they support and where they draw the line.

Thingybob · 24/09/2023 16:13

I don't think there is a webpage yet but there is an X/Twitter account to follow

ArabeIIaScott · 24/09/2023 16:55

Thingybob · 24/09/2023 16:13

I don't think there is a webpage yet but there is an X/Twitter account to follow

Great. Thank you.

RavingStone · 24/09/2023 18:27

Before the website is even up and running Labour MP Kate Osborne has responded to Sharon's initiative and come out as misogynist and homophobic on twitter ( I paraphrase obvs).

IcakethereforeIam · 24/09/2023 18:49

Possibly I'm giving the MP too much credit but perhaps she's trying to get ahead of and control the narrative? Sort of a 'I'll have a babycham' thing.

I don't think it'll work. What did she say?

OP posts:
RavingStone · 24/09/2023 19:07

Yes she's absolutely doing that. In the usual way. Dismissing women's concerns; implying they must be Tory; dangling another issue that's pertinent to women with the implied threat that if we don't side with her team, that issue is screwed. I am so over these bullying tactics. I'd feel awful if she was my MP.

This is what she's said:

"I'll save them the bother of doorstepping me.

Yes some women have a penis.

It's clear that Tory allies will help with their #waronwoke

Vilification of trans people to distract from mess country is in.

How about asking MPs if they will eradicate Homelessness & Child Poverty?"

ArabeIIaScott · 24/09/2023 19:09

Yes some women have a penis.

Thank you, Kate Osborne. At least she's honest about her batshit views.

Yirk · 24/09/2023 19:14

Describe to me Kate which human biological female women have a Penis.
This is going to be an eye opener of a survey !

Femaleismysex · 24/09/2023 23:01

Luke Pollard. He always mentions he is the first open gay labour MP. Then he tells me how mislead, uneducated in the topic, exaggerated and alarmist I am.
it’s a pleasure to read his no answer replies. He never addresses my questions but tells me he is happy to do the opposite as I’m completely misinformed and misguided. His approach is the best.

One of my latest letter about changes to surrogacy law has a line about how the world has moved on. I find him very misogynistic on his approach to the issues I raise and the way he replies. I’m not the only one.
He is so condescending and disrespectful 🤮!

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