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JoJo Moyes: 'I've always been a woman's woman'

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OP posts:
CyclingSam · 03/06/2023 05:55

…And I'm back.

I don't know anything about JoJo Moyes other than what I've just read.

On seeing the headline, my first take on it – and I'm not necessarily saying it was a good take – was "How TERFy, BBC." I imagined a subeditor's blue pencil hovering over it.

Such stories now always have one girding one's loins before diving in. I've come to expect some sort of 'inclusion', which can be OK I guess depending how it's handled. The mention of Oxford, currently tagged with Kathleen Stock in mind, was a further dogwhistle (if you will) that certain gender matters might be afoot. But it was not to be, which was a relief.

I don't have any other thoughts to offer about it at the moment. My main reason for posting was to reflect on how those of us with a gender critical point of view approach media.

OP posts:
RubyTrees · 03/06/2023 11:20

It's a sad time we're living in where a phrase such as "a woman's woman" can't immediately be taken at face value.

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