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Tracy Emin

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ArabeIIaScott · 02/06/2023 11:05

I'm so happy to read this interview with Emin today. Having had a hard few years with health issues, it's great to see her now thriving. She's now teaching others, renting out studio space, and still making lots of paintings.

Tracy Emin

Tracey Emin: 'I'm a much better artist after cancer'

Turner Prize winner says her work has improved since having cancer and giving up alcohol.

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AmbleInAnnBoleyn · 02/06/2023 14:58

This is great news, I remember her writing about the cancer, the brutal surgery she went through to remove it. She is quite amazing, I heart her.

artant · 02/06/2023 15:17

It’s good to see Emin emerge from the awful experience of her cancer with a new outlook.

A former student of mine is on her studio residency programme (the art school the piece refers to) this year and it looks really interesting and it’s helping to build a strong community of young artists in Margate. I seem to remember that a few years ago Emin was saying that art education had expanded too much but it looks like she’s offering young artists a great alternative to expensive MA/MFA programmes.

Ereshkigalangcleg · 02/06/2023 15:38

It's a good article, positive and inspiring.

LlynTegid · 03/06/2023 09:15

Glad to read she is in better health. I've not liked her artwork of recent years though, but hope to see her new work when it is on show.

SockGoddess · 03/06/2023 11:26

I loved the article too, I remember when she thought she might die and it was awful. I’m not her biggest fan art wise either, but I really like how she thinks and doesn’t follow the herd and is honest about her thoughts and ideas, and keeps developing and doing new things. She’s not a rebel for the sake of it but really questions things which is inspiring to me.

NicCageisnotNickCave · 03/06/2023 11:55

I wasn’t really interested in Emin’s work until I saw this in person, along with the photographic self portraits of the same title.

it was as if the feelings of every horrible break up I’d ever had came in like a wave on the beach.

Glad she’s OK. Emin and Dame Viv are two of my most favourite British women of the arts - would be awful to lose both in quick succession.

ArabeIIaScott · 03/06/2023 15:42

I love her work, but I'm also pleased to hear a woman artist coming through adversity and doing so well. She's a very Britosh national treasure, I think - provocative, unique and human.

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