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Amazon Question of the Day - historic revisionism

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Worldgonecrazy · 02/06/2023 08:55

I’m not sure where to post this, but yesterday. Amazons Question of the Day, one of their Alexa apps, asked ‘which of the following historical figures started the Stonewall riots’. I knew before the options were read out that Amazon was going to say Marsha P Johnson. Amazon them went on to misgender Johnson, referring to him as ‘her’ and ‘she’, even though there are interviews available where Johnson describes himself as a gay man in drag.

It feels like a losing battle to get the correct version of history out there.

Interestingly, Storme, the butch lesbian who did kick it all off, didn’t get a mention.

OP posts:
BinturongsSmellOfPopcorn · 02/06/2023 09:08

Storme never does get a mention. As always, the L in LGBTetc is silent.

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